Saturday, December 27, 2014

Meet "Natasha"!

This little girl I started to work on about a month ago. Her sweet face came to me very quickly, it was amazing, how smoothly she emerged. I worked with my favorite "Fimo Puppen"

I decided to share a little of the process with you in this post. I still work on her body, and wanted to try a few new ways of building.

"Natasha" is one of the biggest dolls I ever attempted: 27inches (70cm) and she will be rather static sculpture, than posable doll. Here are the first steps:

 Here "Natasha" is nothing more than a head. Her face is sculpted, sanded and polished. I fit her eyes for the first time, so to say, her first glance at the world.

Now, she has neck and hands. Her head will have an ability to turn and adjust.
I also put painted several layers heat set oil paints

 "Natasha" is mounted on strong wire armature.

I use two kinds of fiber fill to make the balk of her body: loose one  that is usually used to fill in soft toys, and one for blankets.

I sew it together and fill. 

Time to put everything together for the first time!

Next step is to make "skin"