About the Artist

Russian-born American, I live with my family in St. Louis, Missouri. I completed my art education in
both countries, as a bachelor of "Art in  Education" from Russia and Master of Arts degree form Webster University MO, USA. I am a practicing artist and an art teacher.
I love to create and to explore different ways of visual expression and experiment with various art media. Each of the featured items is one of a kind, and singular design. Over the years, I have been exploring different avenues of art: painting, illustration, sculpture.

I teach Ceramic, Drawing and Sculpture in public High School, and absolutely love my job, because it allows me to never stop learning myself and share my discoveries with others.

Christian faith and my believes have strong influence on my life and my art. I feel special bond with the Lord, because He is the Creator and He made me one too, and it is the most wonderful gift I could ever wish for.

People by far, are my favorite subject matter. Nothing is more fascinating and complex than the human nature. That feeds my passion for Art dolls: to me these little sculptures are not toys but reflections of certain traits of human character, each of them has a story.