Tuesday, November 19, 2013

ADO Member Spotlight: Luba Briginets

Hello, and welcome!

My name is Luba Briginets.

"Puerto" the funny and  lyrical character of famous
"Commedia Dell'Arte" the theater of masks.
Russian-born American, I live with my family in St. Louis, Missouri. I completed my art education in both countries, as a bachelor of "Art in  Education" from Russia and Master of Arts degree form Webster University MO, USA. I am a practicing artist and an art teacher.

I teach Ceramic, Drawing and Sculpture in a public High School, and absolutely love it! Teaching inspires me to never stop learning myself and share my discoveries with my students.

 "The BUNNY" is inspired by my
delightful son Paul, who grows way too fast!

Art Dolls captured my interest a little over a year ago. When I looked into new materials for the sculpture class, I stumbled across polymer clay and was amazed at its abilities and properties.
I started looking deeper into it and found amazing artists who are successfully working in the medium. What can I say? It was love at the first sight!

People by far, are my favorite subject matter. Nothing is more fascinating and complex than the human nature. That feeds my passion for Art Dolls: to me these little sculptures are the study of  a human character and emotions, each of them has a story to tell. 

Thanks to Internet, it is easy to find a supportive community of like-minded people. Groups like ADO and International Art Doll Registry are wonderful resources. I am also greatly impressed with generosity and support from professional artists that share their tips and create great tutorials, many of them for free.  

 Most of my dolls are adjustable, with moving parts. I love movement! They actually are soft sculptures, mounted on a wire armature with polymer heads, lower arms, and legs. They are completely hand sculpted, without the aid of molds. I also make the clothes myself.

I love to share my work in progress and finished work right here, in my blog, feel free to browse around!

Some of my work is available on "Etsy". However, I prefer to "make to order" It is good to have a purpose and goal in mind when you create ;)

I always welcome interesting conversations about dolls in comments, so feel free to leave them!
You also can easily find me on "Facebook" and of course, please visit my new and improved Gallery!

                                                                         Thank you! 

Saturday, November 9, 2013

I Had a Dream...

A week ago I started another project, as a special gift for a dear friend... I wanted to show her a sneak peek of an unfinished work, and made this picture. It turned out very lyrical and rather mystical. Happy fall, everyone! Enjoy the golden season while it lasts...

Friday, November 1, 2013

"Tea Rose": Her Story

Working on a doll is a lengthy process. It takes a lot of time. At least for me. My projects are usually inspired by certain things. In this case these were "Cernit" and the tea dresses. See more in the previous blog.
However, as I was working and Rose's image started emerging, so was her character and her story.
So, here it is:

Rose is fifteen years old young lady from the middle class English family on the brink of XIX and XX centuries.
Most of her time she spends in the country, away from the nose of big cities. She loves to walk. She loves to read. Her favorite author is Jane Austin. Her head is full of interesting thoughts and notions.

Sometimes Rose thinks that she could start writing novels, putting all her interesting thoughts on paper, just like Jane Austin, and become famous. Right now she just puts them in her diary, for the future reference.

Rose is blissfully unaware of the great changes that reshaping the face of reality, and global events that will impact the very fabric of society, building the new world and ending the old.
Right now she is just a happy innocent child, her head is full of romantic notions, her life is uncomplicated, her feature seems so bright...