Sunday, September 6, 2015

Pensive Rosie.

Rosie is finished. She surprised me at the end. She turned out to be very different from what I planned in the beginning. I planned her to be highly decorative with gold locks and complex headdress, but as I was working on her, all these ideas have changed.

Rosie turned out to be a day dreamer, living in her own world. She is a quiet, pensive child, just like me when I was little. Yes, I had my Mom worried there for a while, because I could sit in a quiet corner for hours, daydreaming, inventing my own stories and living through them.

Rosie has musical mechanism inside that also activities motion. She is not big, only fourteen inches (36 centimeters) as she sits on her stand. She is very pleasant to touch, I tried raw mohair for her hair for the first time. I love the feel! I also finally mastered the embroidery option on my expensive sewing machine, therefore Rosie sports a cute little embroidered jacket, custom made just for her.