Recently Completed :)

This page is dedicated to the work I have completed in recent few months.

"Pearl" Completed July2015

23 inches 

25 inches
Completed March 2015



Completed November 2014

23 inches (59cm)

"Golden Renaissance: Lucretia"
Completed: July2014

Size 26 Inches


"The Mysteries of The Borceliande Forest"
Dedicated to Gillian Bradshaw's Novel
"The Wolf Hunt"

Wolf  "Isengrim" completed: June 2014
"Lady Marie" Size: 24 "

"Petals" 18 in
Completed: May 2014

"Little Red" size: 9.5in

Completed: March 2014

"Rose" size: 18 in
Completed: February 2014 

"Dandelion"  size: 22 in

Completed: February 2014 

"Little Paw" size: 18 in

Completed: December 2013