Thursday, September 19, 2013

Back to Commedia Dell Arte: Coviello, the clever servant

Conceiving an new personage is always interesting. I started it because Teffy Effy Funny Land(one of my BLOG connections) made a great proposition: she suggested that creative people get together in groups in order to make something inspired by the "Commedia" and make it in the form that corresponds with a deck of cards.

Of course, I could not miss such an opportunity because it it is just what I like! It is also great to work with others. Thanks to the Internet, the people who share the same passion can easily overcome the distance and other inconveniences of living in different parts of the world and connect.

I got a red "valet". It could be any servant from the Commedia rich tradition

So here is my personage of the Commedia: His name is Coviello, he is a servant but unlike Arlecchinno, he is smart and sassy. Coviello loves to sing and dance. His mask is long nosed and brown. Coviello almost never parts with his mandolin. He is  ready for a good joke and a lewd street song!  Coviello is very practical and sly, "street-smart".

So, my fiends allow me to introduce to you...
Dancing and playing, that how I see this joyful character
My interpretation of Coviello:

Here are rough sketches of his costume and some
 attributes of the character

I've decided on the appearance and size and
made a wire armature

 a little "meat" on the bones  added by "Sculpey"

I decided that Coviello should have a big nose.
Why not?
His mask is certainly big nosed.

Ahh... shoes and hands! Also made in "Sculpey" 'Living Doll"
and "Cernit"polymer clay