Thursday, April 10, 2014

"Mysteries" Update: Colors!

Yes, it takes me a long time to work on a project, especially a complex project like this. But I regret nothing: it is such fun! It took me about three weeks to select the colors for lady Marie and the fashion style and a pattern of her dress. Thank God for the Internet! So many great resources that were not available before, even a few years back!

Since it is XII century  fashion, she actually needs two dresses: "kirtle" is under-dress that is tastefully shows under a "bliaut" over-dress that was fashioned from heavier cloth.

I just finished the embroidery on Marie's kirtle and finally put the two together. Here are the results!

Also, if you pay attention, you can see that Marie is not alone in her wanderings in the Broceliande Forest… Who may it be wandering with her?

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Mysteries: cont.

I just love to work with this project! It does take a long time for me to get from step to step, but I enjoy every step of the way.

Lady Marie is completely assembled: soft body on wire and air dry clay armature. This time I used polymer clay only for the head and hands. I also completed her hair and although it is much fluffier than I wanted, I rather like it, goes well with the character. It still needs to be styled.

I relieved to see that Marie's face is not quite as tortured as it was without the hair, I was going for a surprise, not horror. It seems to soften somehow. Good.

Next step is her clothes. I am looking forward to this part!