Monday, December 30, 2013

Dandelion (cont.)

Here a re a few more pics "in progress". Little Dandelion is completely assembled and wigged now, it is time to work on her clothes. The most challenging part of the project.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Meet Dandelion!

My new little girl in progress, This baby I am making for "Artis as Teacher"Competition / Exhibition I  am  entering in February.

Dandelion was inspired by my childhood memories and this beautiful photo by Natalia Zakonova.

The lovely girl on this picture reminded me of my childhood friend Olga. Same green eyes and sweet lovely face.

This started me on this project.  Here is some pics "in progress"
This little girl is not so little!
In fact it is the biggest doll I've ever attempted to make 23" (60cm)

I choose "Cernit" polymer to make her.
Eyes are acrylic "Real Eyes" brand

Gentle color with heat set oils,
my favorite for polymer "blushing"

Here we are so far…

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

"Little Paw" is finished!

This little girlie was created for my friend Uylia, who is now pregnant with her second girl. As a mother of two boys, I find, that there is  something incredibly precious about the little girls.

                                       I wanted to catch the essence of a five-years-old. 

I even clothed her as I think a little girl would dress herself during her "make-believe" games: Dancer/Ballerina/Princess/Kitty-Cat with her loyal friend Teddy to keep her company.

Here is more of the "Little Paw":

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

ADO Member Spotlight: Luba Briginets

Hello, and welcome!

My name is Luba Briginets.

"Puerto" the funny and  lyrical character of famous
"Commedia Dell'Arte" the theater of masks.
Russian-born American, I live with my family in St. Louis, Missouri. I completed my art education in both countries, as a bachelor of "Art in  Education" from Russia and Master of Arts degree form Webster University MO, USA. I am a practicing artist and an art teacher.

I teach Ceramic, Drawing and Sculpture in a public High School, and absolutely love it! Teaching inspires me to never stop learning myself and share my discoveries with my students.

 "The BUNNY" is inspired by my
delightful son Paul, who grows way too fast!

Art Dolls captured my interest a little over a year ago. When I looked into new materials for the sculpture class, I stumbled across polymer clay and was amazed at its abilities and properties.
I started looking deeper into it and found amazing artists who are successfully working in the medium. What can I say? It was love at the first sight!

People by far, are my favorite subject matter. Nothing is more fascinating and complex than the human nature. That feeds my passion for Art Dolls: to me these little sculptures are the study of  a human character and emotions, each of them has a story to tell. 

Thanks to Internet, it is easy to find a supportive community of like-minded people. Groups like ADO and International Art Doll Registry are wonderful resources. I am also greatly impressed with generosity and support from professional artists that share their tips and create great tutorials, many of them for free.  

 Most of my dolls are adjustable, with moving parts. I love movement! They actually are soft sculptures, mounted on a wire armature with polymer heads, lower arms, and legs. They are completely hand sculpted, without the aid of molds. I also make the clothes myself.

I love to share my work in progress and finished work right here, in my blog, feel free to browse around!

Some of my work is available on "Etsy". However, I prefer to "make to order" It is good to have a purpose and goal in mind when you create ;)

I always welcome interesting conversations about dolls in comments, so feel free to leave them!
You also can easily find me on "Facebook" and of course, please visit my new and improved Gallery!

                                                                         Thank you! 

Saturday, November 9, 2013

I Had a Dream...

A week ago I started another project, as a special gift for a dear friend... I wanted to show her a sneak peek of an unfinished work, and made this picture. It turned out very lyrical and rather mystical. Happy fall, everyone! Enjoy the golden season while it lasts...

Friday, November 1, 2013

"Tea Rose": Her Story

Working on a doll is a lengthy process. It takes a lot of time. At least for me. My projects are usually inspired by certain things. In this case these were "Cernit" and the tea dresses. See more in the previous blog.
However, as I was working and Rose's image started emerging, so was her character and her story.
So, here it is:

Rose is fifteen years old young lady from the middle class English family on the brink of XIX and XX centuries.
Most of her time she spends in the country, away from the nose of big cities. She loves to walk. She loves to read. Her favorite author is Jane Austin. Her head is full of interesting thoughts and notions.

Sometimes Rose thinks that she could start writing novels, putting all her interesting thoughts on paper, just like Jane Austin, and become famous. Right now she just puts them in her diary, for the future reference.

Rose is blissfully unaware of the great changes that reshaping the face of reality, and global events that will impact the very fabric of society, building the new world and ending the old.
Right now she is just a happy innocent child, her head is full of romantic notions, her life is uncomplicated, her feature seems so bright...

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Tea Rose

"Rose" is already fully assembled she is 20 inches  high,
the tallest of my dolls so far
My new "timeless" art piece is inspired by two things:
First is "Cernit" polymer  clay. I will be honest with you: I was not sure about it at first. After "Sculpy", it took me a while to figure out how to work with it. It is not easy to condition and blend, however I was very pleased with the result.
The manufactures of "Cernit" weren't kidding when they stated that it is "Favored by professional doll-makers for its fine, translucent, porcelain-like finish" 

I am very pleased with the look after curing. So here she is, my precious "Rose"

I absolutely love her fair delicate complexion. 

The second inspiration is the "Tea Dress". These beautiful and elaborate lace creations were very popular in European Society at the brink of XIX and XX centuries, when it become fashionable to spend the leisure time on the open air. They usually were sewn in light cotton fabric adorned by delicate lace.

 I just can't wait to create one for my "Rose"!

The wonderful pictures of the dresses and some interesting historical facts are curtsey of

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Passion for OOAK Dolls

I only recently discovered the wonderful and exiting world of the OOAK art dolls. Although I have been a student and a teacher of different aspects of Visual Arts for over twenty years. Art dolls grabbed my attention about a year ago, when I started to look for new sculpting materials and discovered polymer clay and its amazing quality of looking so like human flesh.

I love working with dolls because they absolutely challenge me as an artist and make me explore the uncharted territories, such as sewing and wigging. I enjoy greatly the process of making and learning! So, this blog I decided to completely deducate to my passion for art dolls.

" Lily" is my first fully posable female doll. She was completed in March, 2013. Lily has a soft armature body, and polymer head, hands and lower legs.

"Lily" was designed and created specifically for a charity auction event "The Night with Royalty" of Reclaiming Royalty Ministries.

I had a great pleasure observing people's reaction to such an unusual work of art (you do not see art dolls in St. Louis area often). Watching them I discovered that there is a child hidden somewhere inside of each of us. In me, because I enjoy making. It is like a game. In others,  maybe the childhood memories. Little girls also related to "Lily" very enthusiastically.

Just watching that inspired me to create more.
"Lily" is  the first of my dolls to make a public appearance and also is the first doll I sold.

Sure, now when I look at her, I think that I could change a few things, but there is always a space for improvement, isn't there?

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Black White and Red. Viva Commedia!

These are the theme colors for my Commedia Dell Arte interpretation. This post is dedicated to the personages that I have been  working very hard on for about an year.

So... (the dram beat....) I am proud to present my three favorite characters of famous commedia!
Stroll down to see the glory of White Black and Red! Viva Commedia!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Coviello is complete! Here is the first sneak peek.

Yes, it is true! He is finally done! Here is the first teaser peek of Coviello in his full glory, complete with his beloved mandolin. I have to give credit to my wonderful husband Sergey for a wonderful photo session this afternoon.  Here is the first of many wonderful pics, and more are to follow...

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Coviello is Getting Clothes!

Did I ever mention to you that I work full time teaching silly teenagers, who are full of surprises every day? By now they are getting weary of school, and do not want to do anything, it takes extra effort to inspire  and persuade them to work... Then I rush to take care of various errands, then home to cook dinner... clean...  Taking care of my own adorable three men (one husband and two sons) Sounds familiar, ladies?

So, here is my idea of rest: sewing Coviello clothes, in between cooking dinner and going to sleep, I have about two hours of my own favorite time! I need to finish Coviello by October 10th. Here he is, finally skinned and clothed!

OK, when I say "skinned" I don't mean that the skin is removed, of course, quite on contrary!
"Skin" is a layer of usual nylon sock. It does not
have to be expensive thick kind. 

I like to layer clothes,
sewing them on gradually,
 therefore they can't be removed.

The choice of color is not accidental:
he is "Valet of Hearts" 

Sunday, September 22, 2013

More on Coviello:

The little guy is assembled at last! I love this stage: it is wonderful to see my idea finally coming to life and materialize into a new creature! Of course there were a few unpleasant bumps and surprises. Fot example, my lovely labrador Daisy, who is usually a good little girl, decided that I ought to pay more attention to her. So she snatched "Coviello"'s head and run away! Chewing on it too! Don't get me wrong: I love her dearly, but at that moment, when she held about five hours of my sculpting work in her sharp fangs I was ready to kill the darn dog! Fortunately she did not chew much on his face, so I was able to fix it.  So here he is!

As you can see, Coviello's head is
in one piece (no thanks to Daisy
the silly dog)
Yes, well, maybe he does not have
what you call "The Classic Beauty"
but he is not lucking in character and charm,
so I think he is still a "ladykiller"