Thursday, June 26, 2014

Lucretia, The Renaissance Doll

I wanted to create something Renaissance themed for a very long time. The Italian Renaissance is one of my favorite time periods for very many reasons. I am sure I am not the only one, who admires this glorious era.

The little Lucretia is my modest tribute to the "Golden" period. Yes, "Golden" is the key word here, because Lucretia is nothing if not "golden". The golden hair and shimmery golden silks are definitely her style.

Since she was nothing but a lump of polymer clay and a pair of glittery green eyes, she completely captivated me and took full charge of herself. She is in such a hurry to be born! So here we are so far!
Polymer of choice is "Fimo Puppen" Face and hands are gently "blushed" with the mix of
 heat set and regular oils,
and delicately touched with
colored pencils and "Fibercastle" permanent markers.
As I said, she took charge…
Shoes are partially cloth and "Sculpy" polymer
Legs and feet are sculpted in "Paperclay"

Lucretia is 23 inches (almost 60 sm.) tall,
she is completely posable, because she is
 mounted on flexible plastic armature.

Right in the middle of the process, I decided to change her hair color from soft blond to golden brown, It changed her character somehow…

                                          Here she is, fully assembled. Such a coquette! 

                                            Now I am starting on constructing her costume …

Her hair still needs more work,
but I will leave it alone for now.

Next step: a lot of embroidery and beads! I will show it off next time :)

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Lady Marie and Her Wolf

I finally finished this project that took me about four months to complete.

The title is "The Mysteries of Broceliande Forest" This is a composition of two figures.

The work is the tribute to Gillian Bradshaw's novel "The Wolf Hunt". The novel is based on "Lai de Bisckavret" by the12th century poet Marie de France. The story is set in 12th century, therefore I made my best to depict the clothes to reflect the style of the time.

My favorite part of this excellent novel, is the willingness of the main character, likable and brave Lady Marie, to overcome society's stereotypes and be able to face her deepest fears. 

One of such fears for her is the fear of wolves. However, when the incredible turn  of her life brings her face to face with one, she does not back out. It is a very strange wolf: he is wild animal and free spirit of the forest. Yet, he chooses to live among humans. Marie is able to look at the animal without prejudices of her time. As a result, she gains a loyal and loving friend. 

Moreover, Marie applies her  critical and open mind in solving the mystery of a disappearance of a noble knight, who once saved her life. Last time he was seen walking into the Briceliange forest to hunt, at least that what he told his newly wedded wife, and did not come out of it. He is believed to be dead, but Marie has her doubts. So she starts her own investigation.

Will Marie solve the mystery of Broceliande Forest? What will she discover? I can't tell this intriguing story better than Gillian Bradshaw already have. If you want to know more, read "The Wolf Hunt"  You will not regret it!

Friday, June 6, 2014

Summer Time: All Over The Place

Yes, it is wonderful to have more time for my passion for dolls. Summer is the best time for it! Schools are out, which means I have more opportunity to do what I truly love: make more dolls!

This makes me scattered all over the place: I have at least three on-going projects: "Lady Marie" and her "Mysterious Companion" are almost finished, I am just putting last touches on them and will dedicate the whole post to them exclusively, soon.
Here is a little sneak peek:

I am also working on my lovely mobile doll "Sunny" she is completely assembled at last, now working on her dress.

This new project is very exiting! Meet "Lucretia"! She is a "Renaissance Lady" I just started as a challenge for International Art Doll Registry show for July. Hopefully, I will finish her on time to enter!