Monday, January 27, 2014

Sunny "Dandelion" complete at last!

Finally, after so many hours of hard work, searching, planning, and yes, some frustration  this little girl is complete!

This work is very personal to me: it was inspired by my childhood memories. One of the brightest memories is when my friend Olga and I went to a picnic with my parents to a forest (not a park). It was bright sunny spring day and we found a picturesque clearing, full of bright yellow dandelions…  we played  with them all day long. Our easy camaraderie and beauty of the warm breezy day are still one of the most precious  memories I have…

I have to say, friends, I am pleased with the results! It was a great joy to dedicate my hours to her. Here she is, my little beauty!

I have to give credit two wonderful people, who helped me along the way: my friend Natalia Olievska, who knitted this beautiful jacket for "Dandelion".

 Also, thanks to artistic vision and technical confidence of my husband Sergey Briginets, you are
looking at these beautiful expressive pictures!

"Dandelion" is a "big" girl of almost 20 inches tall (while sitting)

She has soft flexible body mounted on strong wire armature,
which allows her change positions. She even can stand on her own!

The girl's head, arms, hands, lower legs and feet are sculpted in "Cernit"polymer clay

The flowers of the wreath are made in "Premo" polymer and gently glazed over.