Thursday, July 25, 2013

Working on Pierrot

I am happy to annonce that my little Pierrot is complete at last! This labor of love took me about four weeks to complete. In the process I experimented with the new ways and materials. It was quite a journey! I
I love to start working from the head:
it helps me to define the character.
am pretty pleased with the result, but of course, there is space for improvement. Here is the journey from the beginning to the end. I decided to reveal it to you, and if it inspires anyone I would be very happy.
Here is how it all started...
Blue print and the armature.
You simply can't underestimate that.
They are the foundation of the figure.
Earlier, I already used this image:
legs, arms, hands and feet are freshly backed and
 ready to be mounted on the armature.
Now the doll is assembled!
I love this stage: finally I can see the whole figure!

I prefer to make my figures completely adjustable
to different postures.

Making clothes presents a great challenge:
it takes as long, or maybe longer to
design and sew the costume as
to assemble the doll itself.

What a journey! I loved every minute of it!