Sunday, September 22, 2013

More on Coviello:

The little guy is assembled at last! I love this stage: it is wonderful to see my idea finally coming to life and materialize into a new creature! Of course there were a few unpleasant bumps and surprises. Fot example, my lovely labrador Daisy, who is usually a good little girl, decided that I ought to pay more attention to her. So she snatched "Coviello"'s head and run away! Chewing on it too! Don't get me wrong: I love her dearly, but at that moment, when she held about five hours of my sculpting work in her sharp fangs I was ready to kill the darn dog! Fortunately she did not chew much on his face, so I was able to fix it.  So here he is!

As you can see, Coviello's head is
in one piece (no thanks to Daisy
the silly dog)
Yes, well, maybe he does not have
what you call "The Classic Beauty"
but he is not lucking in character and charm,
so I think he is still a "ladykiller"