Friday, November 1, 2013

"Tea Rose": Her Story

Working on a doll is a lengthy process. It takes a lot of time. At least for me. My projects are usually inspired by certain things. In this case these were "Cernit" and the tea dresses. See more in the previous blog.
However, as I was working and Rose's image started emerging, so was her character and her story.
So, here it is:

Rose is fifteen years old young lady from the middle class English family on the brink of XIX and XX centuries.
Most of her time she spends in the country, away from the nose of big cities. She loves to walk. She loves to read. Her favorite author is Jane Austin. Her head is full of interesting thoughts and notions.

Sometimes Rose thinks that she could start writing novels, putting all her interesting thoughts on paper, just like Jane Austin, and become famous. Right now she just puts them in her diary, for the future reference.

Rose is blissfully unaware of the great changes that reshaping the face of reality, and global events that will impact the very fabric of society, building the new world and ending the old.
Right now she is just a happy innocent child, her head is full of romantic notions, her life is uncomplicated, her feature seems so bright...