Sunday, August 23, 2015

Working on Rosie

One of the heads from the "August Project"reminds me of my
childhood. I decided to start with this little head. I called the
doll "Rosie".

 She reminds me of time, when I was a little girl.
Once upon a time (long, long time ago)  I had a beautiful German made doll.  I called it "Rosie" because of her sweet face and a pink dress. "Rosie" was my all time favorite. Therefore all my sweetest childhood memories associated with her.

"Rosie" is the first doll of mine that will have a musical mechanism with motion inside. I am not very technical person, therefore I did not make the mechanism myself. The mechanism I found attached to an old broken  porcelain doll, that I bought for four dollars in a thrift store.

I am a thrift store junkie. Love them, thrift stores. It is like going hunting or looking for a hidden treasure. I found quite a few old musical mechanisms this way. "Rosie" is the first to have one inside her.

Here are the first steps of working on "Rosie"