Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Passion for OOAK Dolls

I only recently discovered the wonderful and exiting world of the OOAK art dolls. Although I have been a student and a teacher of different aspects of Visual Arts for over twenty years. Art dolls grabbed my attention about a year ago, when I started to look for new sculpting materials and discovered polymer clay and its amazing quality of looking so like human flesh.

I love working with dolls because they absolutely challenge me as an artist and make me explore the uncharted territories, such as sewing and wigging. I enjoy greatly the process of making and learning! So, this blog I decided to completely deducate to my passion for art dolls.

" Lily" is my first fully posable female doll. She was completed in March, 2013. Lily has a soft armature body, and polymer head, hands and lower legs.

"Lily" was designed and created specifically for a charity auction event "The Night with Royalty" of Reclaiming Royalty Ministries.

I had a great pleasure observing people's reaction to such an unusual work of art (you do not see art dolls in St. Louis area often). Watching them I discovered that there is a child hidden somewhere inside of each of us. In me, because I enjoy making. It is like a game. In others,  maybe the childhood memories. Little girls also related to "Lily" very enthusiastically.

Just watching that inspired me to create more.
"Lily" is  the first of my dolls to make a public appearance and also is the first doll I sold.

Sure, now when I look at her, I think that I could change a few things, but there is always a space for improvement, isn't there?