Saturday, October 5, 2013

Coviello is Getting Clothes!

Did I ever mention to you that I work full time teaching silly teenagers, who are full of surprises every day? By now they are getting weary of school, and do not want to do anything, it takes extra effort to inspire  and persuade them to work... Then I rush to take care of various errands, then home to cook dinner... clean...  Taking care of my own adorable three men (one husband and two sons) Sounds familiar, ladies?

So, here is my idea of rest: sewing Coviello clothes, in between cooking dinner and going to sleep, I have about two hours of my own favorite time! I need to finish Coviello by October 10th. Here he is, finally skinned and clothed!

OK, when I say "skinned" I don't mean that the skin is removed, of course, quite on contrary!
"Skin" is a layer of usual nylon sock. It does not
have to be expensive thick kind. 

I like to layer clothes,
sewing them on gradually,
 therefore they can't be removed.

The choice of color is not accidental:
he is "Valet of Hearts"