Friday, May 16, 2014

"Petals" my May project

Ahh, spring! Gotta love it! Especially after this long gray winter that we just suffered. I was so happy to see bright sun and fresh green grass!

One of my good friends just got married, and now is getting ready to move far, far away… This little quick project ( it WAS quick) is for her, as a wedding gift.

I called this charming girl "Petals". She is inspired by May flowers and my friend Olga, the very girl "Petals" is created for. Olga is a wonderful dancer. Although "Petals" is not a portrait doll, I wanted to reflect Olga's light spirit and grace in this work.
Petals is 18 inches tall. She is mounted on flexible plastic armature ( my first so far). I found that I like it very much. Flexible plastic armature is easy to find in doll supply internet stores, it also comes in different sizes. It is not very expensive and easy to use. If you want to create "posable" doll, it is much better than wire. "Petals" easily changes her position. She can stand or sit without any trouble.

The lower legs, arms and head are hand sculpted in "Fimo Puppen" polymer clay.

The wig, dashing hat and dress are made with "recycle" materials:
I love to visit thrift stores that often carry devastated, broken and dusty porcelain dolls. I buy them very cheaply and reuse all I can. The dress went trough a lot of cleaning, alteration and change before it was refashioned for the doll.