Friday, August 23, 2013

Fuzzy Kiddie Memories

When my kids were little, I just did not have time to truly enjoy their cuteness to the full extent. Now ten years later, I do miss their childhood sweetness. I mentioned this project last week, when started to work on Mark's face in "Crayola Air Dry" clay. Now I have completed little Paul's face too.

NOTE: air dry clay requires sealing.
I used two layers of Gesso, before started on
This project is new to me in very many ways. I definitely experiment with the materials and paints as I work on it. It was great to come back to painting again. I have not done this for a while, and polymer clay does not require much painting, just staining and blushing. Trying to go for portrait likeness and sculpting children faces is very challenging.

Now I am done with basic painting on the faces. I still need some fine tuning and detail. I am looking forward to it as well as constructing bodies and putting it all together. That should be interesting!

Paul is 11 years-old now. He did not change much,
still such a goof!

Mark was a VERY energetic little boy.
Now it is hard to believe,
he rather resembles a sleepy dinosaur.
A very cute sleepy dinosaur.