Friday, August 16, 2013

Starting a VERY Special Project

I am very exited because I am starting a new and very special project. I found an inspiration for it on the Russian site "Ярмарка Мастеров", which is as I understand, the Russian version of  "Etsy".
Check it out, it is a neat website. It is also has a page for master classes, full of great ideas and practical advice. There I found Master class presented by Oksana Muratova:

Создание тедди-долл в стиле `ретро`: Наверное, каждый кукольник хоть раз поддавался соблазну сделать плюшевую зверюшку.

She gives step by step guide how to make a soft doll in the "Retro Style": the the doll has a soft fluffy body and a child's face, looks like a kiddie in the cute animal costume. Adorable!

So I decided to make a pair of the dolls like that. I also want to make them special and add the personalized faces. I found photographs of my own kiddos, when they were about a tender age of four.
For the record, Mark ( my firstborn) is fifteen now.

I already sculpted Mark's face with "Crayola Air Dry" clay. He is going to be a little fluffy bunny rabbit. He just loves the idea (He-he!) Paul, my youngest one is going to be next.

This is how sweet Marki looked THEN

and this is how sweet Marki looks NOW